About Us

3k+ is an evolving collection of treatments offering effective clinical technologies utilising East Cape manuka oil from New Zealand as the predominant natural activeWe have known about the antibacterial properties of manuka honey for many years. That made us think, what about the source. What we have found is that manuka oil, steam distilled from the manuka leaf has more than 1000x the antibacterial properties of manuka honey.

The 3k+ brand was created to simplify the antimicrobial integrity of β-triketones in the oil, we call them simply 3k. When we combine them with other synergistic actives and carriers, we get the + 

3k+ is pioneering. It means "Clinical manuka oil formulations with integrity".

3k+ is a brand from MANUKA BIOSCIENCE. All of our brands are focused on utilising the active ingredients of East Cape manuka oil from New Zealand. If you want to know a little about the science behind East Cape manuka oil have a read here.

Our team specialises in medicine, chemistry and biochemistry. We have brought pioneering innovation in pro-aging skincare through our core beauty brand,  ManukaRx

In the category for clinicians, where innovation is rare, stick with the tried and true, no downside is the norm. 

3k+ exists to communicate with integrity and bring to the clinician effective, more familiar technologies using a natural antimicrobial. 3k+ fights innovation stagnancy in the professional market and celebrates the depth of innovation from our evolving science of discovery and learning about this powerful natural active ingredient.

If there are products you would like to see added to 3k+ range, please reach out to us here.